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Re: OUR sketching kits!!!

Postby Alitogata » Fri Mar 10, 2017 2:59 am

Let me show you here how I modified my vintage metal Prang watercolour box. This was a box that was gifted to me among other Prang boxes. A review for the Prang watercolours, their lightfastness and their boxes you can read here.
The metal box was the most promising one and so I took the decision to change it a bit. This box's dimensions are 21,5 x 5x 1 cm ( in inches is 8,5x2x something - what is this? I don't know how the subdivisions of inch are called -Better google it :lol: ).

Prang Vintage Metal Watercolour Box.JPG
Prang Vintage Metal Watercolour Box.JPG (348.38 KiB) Viewed 105 times

The mixing space in its underside is simple not that large but easy to clean because it doesn't have any separators with hard edges and corners where the paints can stick in, making difficult to remove them with a paper towel and a little water while sketching.

Due to its dimensions I managed to place there 20 colours.. 11 full pans and 9 Prang pans that are something between a full and a half pan.

Look below.

Modified Prang Vintage Metal Box.JPG
Modified Prang Vintage Metal Box.JPG (326.29 KiB) Viewed 105 times

Now in order to fit the prang colour pans in place I had to cut out their frames. They have some kind of frame in order to stay in place in their own tray. I cut these off with scissors, it wasn't difficult at all because the plastic they are made off, is soft. And something that I noticed. This plastic is fantastic because the colours don't stick on it like they do on other pans and doesn't get stained from the more staining pigments.

I stuck magnet sheets on the undersides of all the pans. Magnet sheets hold them in place but allow me to change them if I choose so.
And below is the same photo with the colours I chose for my modified box.

1.JPG (342.19 KiB) Viewed 105 times

Now.. in this box I have two own made colour additions.
The first one is Sanguine that is my new favourite red like colour. This is a mix of English Red ( PR101) and a Deep Red ( V.G Madder Lake Deep in this mix that is a PR264 .made in such a way to look like the colour that Sanguine Oranges have. It is a more reddish and saturated English red.
And the other colour is Smalt or Lulaki as it is called here.

This was made from scratch and guess what is the pigment that is made it of. Pigment for colouring building plasters and floor tiles' glues that I got from my neighbourhood's hardware store for nothing. An one kilo bag of this colour costs just 5-6 euros to get an idea. So I mixed this with a gum arabic + honey binder that I made myself.

This blue colour is something like a deep but cooler ultramarine and if you look its swatches from close they sparkle slightly. It granulates fantastically and doesn't stain the paper. I don't know what is the pigment that is made of but in its powder form has this a bit fluorescent hue that you can see at the images below. ( I tried to bring them as close to the original as I could).

Smalt Powder Pigment.JPG
Smalt Powder Pigment.JPG (226.86 KiB) Viewed 105 times

Smalt Powder.JPG
Smalt Powder.JPG (249.53 KiB) Viewed 105 times

And below are the swatches of my new colours.

Smalt and Sanguine swatches-www.marialenasarris.com.jpg
Smalt and Sanguine swatches-www.marialenasarris.com.jpg (331.21 KiB) Viewed 105 times

I'll write more about these colours on my blog. So check there for any updates.
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Re: OUR sketching kits!!!

Postby Andre Jute » Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:03 am

Alitogata wrote:Have you tried your inks on Yuppo paper? It is a bit tricky to use it but gives brilliant but also a bit random results. Nice paper for inks too are the bristol plate surface ones. They have a very smooth satin surface and inks look great on this paper.

Great mind think alike! I haven't tried Yuppo yet. I was thinking about ordering a pad of Graphix Dura-Lar Wet Media, which is something similar, but before I could research it, I got distracted when a French supplier I deal with had a special sale on Arches and some really big Da Vinci brushes and I stocked up on those, and forgot about the plastic paper, which the French vendor doesn't stock. Thanks for reminding me. I know Bristol plate from my advertising days. It's exactly what I don't want (2). I like the effects I can get on hot press watercolor paper with my inks, and also on cold press. I have some heavy very rough stock from India set aside to try the inks on too. But I liked a Fabriano faux-Ingres called Tiziano (2) so much for ink, I made a whole A4 book of it. I also tried those inks on rice paper, but I just don't have the delicacy of touch required, and my slash and dash style gets too much ink on the page for thin stock to survive, which made for a frustrating experience and a fauvist result, very crude, so I think I'll stick to Fabriano and Saunders and Arches HP sized cotton papers intended for watercolor (I use the inks like liquid watercolors anyway), and the pastel paper in my custom book of colored papers for gouache and ink.

(1) I like Canford's Ingres, called Mi Teintes, for ink. It's 66 per cent cotton compared to Tiziano's 40 per cent. Pastel papers take the unwanted "designerish" hard edge off ink work and add interesting textures.

(2) There also used to be many colors of a Tiziano officially described as Ingres, available at Cork Art Supplies, though Fabriano stopped making it except in a few light near-cream colors.
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Re: OUR sketching kits!!!

Postby Moonshadowe » Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:13 pm

Those are some very stunning colors. Very inventive use of grout dye. I just checked out your blog and your artwork is breathtaking.
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