A recognizable style: a good or a bad thing?

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Re: A recognizable style: a good or a bad thing?

Postby mjs » Tue May 05, 2015 3:54 pm

I think that there are more bad writers than bad artists on the Internet because writing seems an easier thing to do to most people. Writing is familiar; we are all exposed to writing in school for many years before we (most of us, anyway,) decide to write a "novel" and inflict it onto the rest of the world. After all, we were all taught how to write an essay in school, perhaps even a story. We received the benefit of at least a moment's editorial correction from a teacher and now we think we know the basics: spelling, a mis-confident view of grammar and punctuation... what's left but to sit down and pound out a few thousand words? How hard can it be and what could possibly go wrong?

Drawing or painting or... on the other hand. Language is an established part of school curriculums; art is often dropped by middle or high school, at least in much of the US. It seems hard because we haven't had as much instruction and criticism as we have had of writing. So most folks go with what's easier. If we do scan or photograph our "art" and put it up for the rest of the world we often apologize for the crude nature of our cat or dragon or whatever: I'm just an amateur, having fun! Don't flame me, I know it isn't very good!

Unlike Andre, I don't feel so strongly about the vast mountain of self-"published" drivel out there. It's like television: I view its coming as inevitable and unpreventable. I just ignore it. Most publishing sites let you preview a work before buying and that's enough to separate the dreck from the... umm, dreck, I guess. It is, though, sadly true that the clutter and "noise" makes it more difficult for real work to stand out, and thus harder to make a living from. best of luck, Andre!

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Re: A recognizable style: a good or a bad thing?

Postby mike » Tue May 05, 2015 10:23 pm

Well keeping to talking purely about drawing - NO ! You shouldn't even worry about such things. As others have said personal style is a natural thing, it is determined by what you like or don't like - your very personal idea of what is beautiful , edgy or what ever turns you on.
That is determined by what art you have been exposed to, what you admire & what you don't. Your whole personal experience of life BUT - it is definitively NOT something you should worry about or even be conscious of.
Let it evolve on it's own without any self conscious concern about it.
Just do what you think looks & feels best to your eyes & heart & all will be well.

One dichotomy about this issue is that commercially speaking - people/customers DO like to see a recognisable artistic style running though all art that is offered for sale (unless you're a genius like Picasso !) but that is aside of the point because I've always come here to talk to real artists about raw creativity.
Cheers Mike
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