Shady House

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Shady House

Postby rkcim » Thu Aug 19, 2010 4:54 am

From a plein air bike trip using watercolors and pencil. I wanted to pack lite for reasones below. This was done right before the dog house, luckily they didn't get a wiff of me until I rode by. There not fast enough unless there on the road and you don't speed up in time. The house about a mile down the road is big dog house. He's the one to worry about, lean, fast, and big. He's caught up with me plenty of times but I always run him off the road or try to. We both test each others endurance. He hasn't made an attempt to bite me so were cool. The smaller ones you have to worry about. They run real fast at first and can launch an attack. I had one clip my bike shoe and tear a hole in it. Then theres the drranged ones, that say hay I going to eat you. I've run into two of those luckily they were in I think a buzz fence. So kind of electic shock invisible perimeter fence. They stopped in there tracks right at the ditch. Have you ever thought a Basset Hound could run. Well I didn't think they could. Man he could run fast. His ears flop like crazy but can stretch those legs.

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