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External links in posts

Postby Russ » Sat Sep 10, 2016 1:07 am

As far as possible, please post your images here on the forum rather than just create a link for people to see your art work somewhere else on the web.

External links are not a good idea for several reasons:

• Link posting could be an attempt to [for any number of reasons] increase traffic to their page or site.
• And sometimes links send people to malware attacks. It can happen.
• Link posting makes readers leave the forum, which can distract them from coming back for the discussion.
• Off site image or video pages often disappear, leaving future forum readers to wonder what the discussion was about.
• It is much easier to discuss art when the art is right there in the thread.

Members are advised to not click external links unless they know and trust the person who posted it.

If you must post an external link, please include some text that explains what the link is for, and what people will see when they click on it.

Of course, links in signatures are okay, especially from members who are regular contributors.
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