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Welcome to Non-sketch Talk

Postby Russ » Thu Dec 22, 2005 12:33 am

This is the place to go off topic and get away with it. Most of us have participated in other discussion groups, and have observed that after a short time, the members naturally begin to take an interest in each other as people, and want to talk about more than just the topics relevant to the board. You can talk about recent news events, personal triumphs or tragedies, the even weather on your side of the world.

This is also the place to discuss the forum itself, problems you may have encountered, as well as the occasional forum general announcement.

If you are concerned that relevant people will not wander over here to notice your new topic, you can send them a pm (personal message) from the Memberlist at the top of this page or even post a little note in the Sketch Talk section to call attention to it -- I don't think that little bit of deviation will bring complaints as long as it does not turn into a thread.

Since a greater diversity of topic matter is permitted here, we need to make more effort to remember common sense rules of courtesy; there is greater potential for misunderstanding and conflict here.

Registration is required on the Sketching Forum because so many automated programs are trying to flood the board with fake names. Please read the announcement, How to register as a member which can be found at the top of this forum.
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