We need your fine works of art for our zine!

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We need your fine works of art for our zine!

Postby TravTrav » Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:54 pm


my name's Trav and i am part of Nebula Productions. We produce the free street and online based nebula zine, record and release music and video and build musical instruments.

Nebula zine is purely a medium for artists to get there work out into the public, it's totally free to submit and to own it and it's available online as a pdf (jpeg pages on facebook too) and in hard copy (currently only in australia). So if you have some art, poetry, writings, interviews, reviews, recipes or anything creative that you can think of then send it on through to nebulanews@hotmail.com along with any other info you want to post with it and we'll get it in our zine.

We also have a blog where we post and update as much as we can (slowely we're getting better at this blogging thing) and we use that to display movies and music aswell as other submissions that didn't make it to the zine.

our sites are below, please have a look and let me know what your thoughts are.


Nebula Productions
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