Forum rules regarding offensive images

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Forum rules regarding offensive images

Postby Russ » Mon Aug 27, 2012 4:27 am

This forum has very few rules. As a matter of fact we have been proud of the fact that there were no actual rules since most of the members have shown a mature attitude regarding subject matter and mutual respect regarding other members. However, as the membership grows, every now and then we get a new member who insists on posting offensive images, and remains defiant even after a warning. The result is naturally deletion of the offender's membership. This has only happened a few times in the history of the board.

There is no forum rule about art which simply contains nudity, since life drawing has always been part of art and art training, and is not an issue for most artists. So nudity within the bounds of common sense is tolerated here. However there are images which most normal people find offensive, such as art which is sexual or violent in nature. As a rule, art that focuses on genitalia is considered offensive in mixed company (it is possible -- even expected -- to include all the parts of a human body when the pose demands it, but you don't have to make the private parts the centerpiece!). Just use your common sense, and if you are not sure where the line between art and porn is, just take a step or two back from where you imagine it might be.
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