Some items for Sale

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Some items for Sale

Postby Zoe » Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:38 am

I mentioned weeks ago that I might list some drawing, sketching and pens for sale here at the Sketching Forum (with Russ' approval).

Here are several I'm listing, and I am listing rather slowly:

Pentel 8 color watercolour box, used, offering kit with brush for $15.00 (shipping included within the US).
(This is now discontinued; I bought it from Judson's while on the road) You can see the palette at Jet Pens.

Skip Lawrence watercolor palette (purchased at Cheap Joes), offering $11.00 excluding postage.

I am also selling 3 Lamy Safari fountain pens:

Charcoal with B nib, offering $18.00

Orange with 1.1 nib, offering $30.00

Pink with B nib, offering $25.00

Add $3.00 to include a converter.

The pink and orange have been rarely used; the charcoal was used more frequently. Shipping CONUS or international at buyer's expense.

I don't know, yet, how to attach an existing file, so if you want to see the pens, please go to my flickr account here: ... 7652161141

Quite a few other fountain pens and some pencils are featured in that group and if you find one interesting or appealing, let me know. They have not been listed yet, or even priced.

Thanks and if interested, please send a PM.
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